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The Miracle Before Your Eyes

Patrick McAndrew puts his pastor’s heart and the message of his Unity Church together to produce a book that expands life, gives hope and is beautifully readable. That is a major triumph.”

John Shelby Spong, Author, Jesus for the Non-Religious

“As reflections on a life lived in the Spirit of God, ‘The Miracle Before Your Eyes,’ is informative, insightful and inspiring. Patrick truly has seen the good in the ups and downs of his life and shares with us the spiritual food he gathered along the way.”

Sallye Taylor, Soul Food Unity Ministry

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The Miracle Before Your Eyes

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The Moving Words Review: Rev. Patrick McAndrew is a man who is constantly learning about life. With experiences that might reflect those of any ordinary person, his story shows and shares insights into lessons each of us might have. In his book The Miracle Before Your Eyes, he seeks to expand our own view of what might happen to us on our journey in life. He demonstrates how the miracle is literally before our eyes all the time through the boundless gift of God’s light.

Despite being a book filled with spiritual inspiration, The Miracle Before Your Eyes does not seek to preach or change the reader’s perception about difficult life experiences we might have. Reverend Patrick’s humility and clarity make each short, succinct chapter a pleasant and friendly reading experience. That is also true when he deals with complex topics, such as the unexpected death of an old acquaintance from his time in the food business.

Through these memories, the author talks to us, sharing his journey of growth as a person moving through life.. With his optimistic attitude and a lot of faith in Spirit, he draws parallels to our difficulties. The reverend recognizes it is painfully easy to feel unworthy of experiencing the miracles of life, and reminds us of the impactful words chanted so many times in the Masses: “But say the word and I will be healed.” Due to his wish to share the Word to people, Patrick pursued a career in sharing insights into the Ways of Spirit.

So, my friends, allow yourself to sit down and have a good chat with Reverend Patrick. You, too, may discover that The Miracle Before Your Eyes is present, frequent, and evolving in a way that brings true meaning and happiness to your life, without fail.

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